How to get a Texas Marriage License

To ensure you will meet the Texas State marriage license timing requirements you should apply 1 – 2 weeks before your wedding date.  Your marriage license can be obtained at any Texas county courthouse across the state, not just the one your getting married in.  Here are some of the specific requirements for obtaining a Texas marriage license.

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  • Both applicant must be present and must provide proof of age and identity with certified copy of your birth certificate or a certificate, license, or document (eg: driver’s license, passport, or military ID) issued by a state, the US Government or a foreign government.


  • You will need to take the oath that is printed on the application and signed before the county clerk. You don’t have to get married in the county from which you obtained the license.


  • Each applicant is required to present a Social Security card or proof of Social Security number.

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  • The application fee is $70-$81 varying by county. For Bexar County the cost is $81 cash (checks and cards are not accepted). 


  • If you go through the State of Texas approved marriage education class as a couple, you won’t have to pay the $60 state portion of the fee. You will still have to pay the county portion, which varies by county. Texas marriage licenses are valid in every state.

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  • In Texas the legal age to obtain a marriage license without parental consent is 18 years old. Minor (applicants under 18) who wish to apply for a marriage license must submit a completed parent or guardian consent form which is available at the county clerk’s office for parent who reside in Bexar County or online for parent who reside outside the county.


  • There is a 72-hour waiting period from the time the license is purchased until the time the ceremony can be performed, active military personnel are exempt to this rule. However, the marriage ceremony must take place within 90 days from the date of purchase or it expires.


  • A marriage license may not be issued if either applicant has been divorced within the last 30 days unless the applicants were divorced from each other or the prohibition against remarriage is waived by the court.

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Now that your have your marriage License complete, you are ready to become a Mrs!  Want to learn how to change your name?  Go Here!