Getting engaged is exciting!  While planning your wedding don’t forget to plan your marriage!  You might be thinking to yourself that you don’t need any help, after all you two are are in love!  But the trick to staying in love is to prepare for the long haul.  After all, this is the rest of your life we are talking about, might as well start off with the tools to be successful.


Pre-Marital Counseling is no fun, I get it.  Especially because you two are already in love and there are no problems! This counseling is just to give you a head start to understanding your spouse.  You should learn how each other communicates and each others love language.  Right now its easy and fun, so its hard to understand what to expect and a counselor can help.  I suggest you contact your church or find a qualified counselor and give your marriage a jump start in the right direction.


This is the easiest way to learn about marriage.  Get some good books about what it takes to be a good wife or a good husband.  We don’t receive a proper education on marriage, so its up to you to get educated.  I promise you its worth every minute.  I suggest audiobooks, we waste so much time on the road.  Instead of wasting that time, use it to listen to a book.


The #1 thing couples argue about is finances and planning a wedding is expensive so this could already be an issue.  You need to have a plan for your finances.  Take the time to learn how to manage your new shared resources.  I suggest Dave Ramsey’s Finacial Peace University.


When you have questions about marriage the best person to ask is someone who has already gone through a successful marriage.  Find a couple older than you and your spouse who can be there for you when you have tough questions.

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