Engagement Shoot Locations in Dallas

When you are thinking of places you should consider locations that are personal to you.  Maybe its a place that you two had a fun date or some other memory.  It could also be somewhere you work or maybe where you went to college.  These are all things that could be awesome for photos because they are about you.  That being said, you can always find a really awesome location and MAKE it personal. So without further ado here are a few of the quintessential engagement photo locations in the dallas area according to me.  They are in no particular order!


The Cotton Mill in Mckinney

Cost: $150 for 2 hours

This location has been used for movies, music videos, fashion shoots, weddings and all kinds of things because of its clean industrial looks.  I really love this spot because of its huge warehouse space that has beautiful light.

Bridals at the Cotton Mill in McKinney

the cotton mill in mckinney


Hickory Street Annex

Cost: $75 an hour

If you need a great indoor location for your shoot check this place out.  The upstairs room offers a a variety of different looks, from large windows, chaise lounges, and wide open rooms to vintage cargo elevators, wire doors, and a dark basement.  If you show up on a beautiful day be sure to check out the grounds around the annex, they have beautiful glass sculptures and rustic urban spots that are great for photos.


Dallas Arboretum & Botanical Gardens

Cost: Free

They offer some of the most beautiful gardens in Dallas.  Featuring over 66 acres of  outdoor attractions, seasonal flowers, ornamental shrubs, tree lined pathways, and beautiful water fountains these are the premier gardens in dallas.


Grapevine Botanical Gardens and Vintage Railroad

Cost: Free

This is a double feature because they are so close to each other.  First we like to stop by the Botanical Gardens and get some fun garden style photos with green grass and lots of beautiful flowers.  Closer to sunset we like to take the 5 minute drive to the vintage railroads and take some shots next with the trains and tracks and other vintage attractions that are available.


Lake Grapevine

Cost: Free

This spot is great for those of you looking for an outdoor rustic shoot.  Lake Grapevine offers great hiking trails and scenic views that are perfect for a romantic engagement shoot.


Deep Ellum

Cost: Free

If you are looking for grafitti covered walls, grungy buildings, and dirty alleys then this is the place for you.  Located near downtown dallas this place is an extension of the arts district so it’s full of some great graffiti artwork.  If you can work around some of the grime this is a great place for some really off the wall photos.






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