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December 17, 2011
Beautiful Tented Wedding- Val & Lindsay

Goodness it has been a while since I have posted but I'm coming back with a bang- the beautiful wedding of Lindsay & Val by the amazing Travis Lee of Functions Event Group.  This day why quite a whirl wind for Jonathan & I.  We headed out from Lewisville down to Benbrook to catch the […]

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December 11, 2011
Belize Destination Wedding Photography

Today I am leaving paradise, after spending a few days here in Belize at Las Terrazas in Ambergris Caye I am sad to leave.  I shot a destination wedding here and it was beautiful.  The ceremony and reception took place on the beach and the beach reception was too beautiful not to show you now. […]

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November 20, 2011
An outdoor art wedding- ArtSpace111- Drew & David

We absolutely LOVE Artspace 111.  It is a beautiful indoor/outdoor art gallery in downtown Fort Worth surrounded by train tracks, highway and woods.  What a combo really.  So as you can imagine we were pretty excited when Drew wanted us to photograph her wedding there.  We brought along the Jonathan Ivy Photo Booth and had […]

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November 17, 2011
Aristide Events Center- Roser Wedding

We give you the gorgeous wedding of Mr & Mrs Roser planned by the wonderful Lucia with Foster Blue.  This was our first time to this beautiful venue and working with this amazing planner and we absolutely loved both! Aristide is beautiful inside and outside and Lucia is an amazingly organized and sweet lady.  We highly […]

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November 15, 2011
Ashton Depot Wedding- Amelia & Bryan Tower

Oh goodness, I do not even know where too start.  You know when you have too many exciting things to say all at once that they just seem to all jumble up in your head...this is where I am.  Gathering...Ok!  Bryan & Amelia are the most adorable couple EVER!  While talking to Bryan, all that […]

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November 3, 2011
Steele Wedding- A Beautiful Winery Wedding

So many of you might remember my rambling on and on about one of our favorite engagement sessions a couple weeks ago, well here is that same couple's wedding and I have to say, this is definitely one of our favorite weddings.  This was such an intimate event full of love and laughter by family […]

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November 1, 2011
Chestnut Square Bridals- Jackie Nasbaum

Can I say that this is the perfect venue for this beautiful bride!  Such a rustic, elegant look in this beautiful setting. The bride's beautiful gown is from Bridal Boutique of Lewisville.  Please click here to view her bridal slideshow! Venue: Chestnut Square in McKinney, TX / Dress: Bridal Boutique of Lewisville

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October 28, 2011
Artspace111 Bridals- Drew Brigati

We has a wonderful time with Drew and her family and friends capturing these beautiful bridals at ArtSpace 111.  Beautiful bride at a beautiful venue!  The bride's gown is by Kathy Ireland by 2Be and from Bliss Bridal Salon.  It was perfect for her!    Please click here to view her Bridal Slideshow! Dress: Kathy […]

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October 26, 2011
Elegant Bridals- Carlyn Roser

Oh my gosh, where do I begin...Well, first I have to give a couple of big shout outs: first to our fabulous bride Carlyn and second to her amazing wedding planner Lucia with Foster Blue.  Jonathan, Lucia and Carlyn all headed out to Aristide in Mansfield to capture these beautiful images.  Carly is a stunning […]

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October 15, 2011
Fabulously in Love- Doug & Shelley

Can I tell you how much I ADORE this photo shoot and this couple!  Doug was so interactive throughout the entire photo shoot which doesn't happen often with grooms.  He was tossing out ideas and loving on his girl the entire time.  When we arrived we found out that Shelley drove a yellow Mini Cooper....LOVE!!! […]

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