Surprise San Antonio Elopement at Bexar County Courthouse

Cassidy & Jackson just hired me to photograph their Engagement photos at the Pearl which were amazing. They were so much fun and you could see their love for each other in every photo. Fast forward 2 weeks and they call me in the morning and ask if I can photograph their San Antonio elopement in 5hrs! They wanted to get married on 042424 so they scrambled to get an officiant and make sure I was available and I was! They had their Elopement at Bexar County Courthouse, in front of the fountain. The weather was wonderful and even though it was in the middle of San Antonio’s Fiesta the streets were empty and perfect!

Surprise San Antonio Elopement at Bexar County Courthouse
A couple's first kiss a in front of a the Bear County Court House after their elopement ceremony.
San Antonio Elopement Photographer
A bride in a white dress holding a bouquet and a groom in a grey suit with a green tie walking hand in hand in front of a the Bexar County Courthouse
Elopement Photos at Bexar County Courthouse
Bride in a white dress holding a bouquet of pastel-colored felt roses
Newlyweds embracing on stone steps of the Bexar County Courthouse, the woman in a white dress with a ribbon in her hair and the man in a gray suit, both smiling joyfully.
A bride in a white dress and a groom in a gray suit dancing on a decorated street with festive lights and banners hanging above.
A bride and groom sharing a kiss on a city street decorated with colorful flags and lights, surrounded by historic buildings.

San Antonio Elopement at Bexar County Courthouse

Are you dreaming of an intimate and picturesque elopement in San Antonio? The historic and charming Bexar County Courthosue makes for a perfect backdrop to your special day, and finding the right photographer to capture those moments is key. Jonathan Ivy Photography specializes in capturing each couple’s unique love story, set against the scenic vistas of San Antonio. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for storytelling, Jonathan Ivy ensures that each photograph is not just a memory, but a piece of art.

Jonathan Ivy’s approach focuses on creating a relaxed and enjoyable experience, allowing the you to truly be yourself while the most candid and beautiful moments are preserved. Whether you’re eloping quietly or with a few loved ones, your elopement photos will echo the beauty of your day and the spirit of San Antonio. Explore more of his breathtaking work and consider making your elopement unforgettable by visiting our San Antonio Wedding Photos

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