Dev & Kendyl Grashanti & Pithi Ceremony

We are so very excited to share this Four Seasons Dallas Indian Wedding exquisitely planned by KI Weddings. Dev & Kendyl were made for each other and you can see this throughout both days of their wedding. When blogging multi day events narrowing down favorites is nearly impossible because we so desperately want to show you each day but also know 200 photos on a blog post just doesn’t work LOL.

So we are breaking this wedding into 2 days. This is day 1 – the Grashanti (or Grah Shanti) – brief ceremony where Lord Ganesh is invited to remove all obstacles from the couple and to bring them happiness and prosperity. The Pithi – entails rubbing a paste on bride and groom’s face, hands and legs. Family members and friends often times have fun getting the bride and groom completely covered in the paste.

And lastly the Mehendi – all of the women in the bride and groom’s families, along with close friends, gather together while the bride has elaborate henna designs applied to her hands and feet. All three of these events took place at the gorgeous Four Seasons Hotel in Irving TX.

And the little girl below is just too cute for words, I just had to share her getting her wedding henna done. I absolutely love what Kendyl has designed, you can see Dev’s name and many beautiful symbols throughout. Very impressive and very beautiful!

Now she will wait for the henna to dry and was off the paste, and get some rest because tomorrow is the big day!

Day 2 with both their Indian Ceremony and their Christian Ceremony is next. Click the button below.

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