Bexar County Wedding Photographer – Marsteen Elopement

One of the coolest things that has changed about our job since moving to San Antonio is our ability to now capture Military Elopement Weddings.  With the Air Force being such a staple here we now have the honor of capturing their post graduation elopements before they head off to tech school.  Meet Jasmine & Jacob!  Jacob just graduated and met his beautiful bride at the Bexar Country Courthouse Chapel for their wedding.  The first few photos you will see here are the wedding ceremony in the chapel.  The last few photos are the fun part (for us) as we get to take them out around San Antonio and take photos that they will cherish for a lifetime!

Bexar County Wedding Photographer Bexar County Courthouse Chapel Ceremony Texas County Courthouse Ceremony Bexar Country Chapel Wedding Bexar County Wedding Photographer Air Force Elopement

And this is where the fun starts for us.  We captured these photos right at noon just after their ceremony, which is the hardest and hottest part of the day.  But I have to say, I think they turned out beautiful!  Here are a few of our favorites San Antonio elopement wedding photos.

June 02 wedding San Antonio Elopement Wedding Photos San Antonio Elopement Wedding Photographer Wedding Photos on the Riverwalk

Bexar County Wedding Photographer

Couples photos on the Riverwalk Bexar County Wedding Photographer Bexar County Wedding Photographer

The photo below really captures this moment in it’s entirety.  All the hard work, sacrifice and love that has been, is now and is to come between these two.

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Jacob Marsteen!  Click here to see more San Antonio Elopement Wedding Photos by Jonathan Ivy.

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