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San Antonio Japanese Gardens Engagement Photos


Can we just say how much we are in love with these San Antonio Japanese Gardens Engagement Photos.  We have captured couples in the Ft Worth & Houston gardens but hands down, the San Antonio Japanese Gardens are the prettiest!  Jonathan had such a wonderful time hanging with Courtney and Aaron!  I could have easily posted 50 or more photos on here, there were so many we loved, however I’m sharing just my all time favorites.  Fun fact – Courtney and I (Samantha) grew up together in Rockport, TX and now here we are both in San Antonio married with kids.  Isn’t life wonderful!

San Antonio Japanese Gardens Engagement Photos

Just look how gorgeous everything is!  This is the middle of winter after a few freezes in an area that isn’t use to it but the gardens are perfect.  And coming from Houston, we are so happy to have elevation to work with.  It is the little things yall!

San Antonio Japanese Gardens Engagement Photos

I think what we love most about the San Antonio Japanese Gardens (besides that it actually have elevations) is that there are rocks and greenery of all kinds plus water both ponds and waterfalls.  The atmosphere is so peaceful too!

Looking to take photos at the San Antonio Japanese Gardens?  We would love to help you!  E-mail us or use the Contact Us button above.  We can help you plan the perfect photo shoot + we take care of all the permits needed.

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