A 2nd Chance at Love – Ross Wedding

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About once a year or so we are blessed to participate in an unusual and exceptionally beautiful wedding.  And for 2017 this wedding is definitely the one.  More of their story below, but first, enjoy a few of the photos from a 2nd Chance at Love wedding.

I pray that I have half the elegance and taste as Mrs Bethany when I am her age.

They had originally planned to get married at St Ignatius Loyola Church in Spring, TX where they 1st met while in grievance counseling after they both lost their spouses.  But, the church flooded in Hurricane Harvey leaving them 1 week to find a new ceremony location.  They ended up finding Christ the Good Shepherd church also in Spring, TX so this is where we pick up.

Christ the Good Shepard Spring Texas Wedding

Christ the Good Shepard Spring Texas Wedding

It is so cool to see the photo below.  A 2nd chance at love!  Bethany was married 44 years and Leroy 55 years before finding each other.  I am literally tearing up as I type this.  I pray that God gives Jonathan and myself 55 years together.  That is so rare to find these days and then to see they that have found love again.  This is every girl’s dream love story!

They had their reception at The Woodlands Country Club in the Glass Room.

The Woodlands Resort Glass BallRoom

Older Couple 2nd Wedding

Older Couple Wedding Ceremony Photos

Aren’t these two absolutely perfect!!!!  I vow that Jonathan and I will do a photo shoot just like this when we are their age.  These are absolutely priceless!!!!

Older Couple Wedding Poses

Their 1st Dance as Man and Wife!  A 2nd Chance at Love

A 2nd Chance at Love

The Woodland’s Country Club Glass Room makes a gorgeous wedding reception location.  We capture many weddings there and they are all beautiful.  Having the water and pier just outside the room makes a great indoor and outdoor space.

The Woodlands Resort Glass Room

A 2nd Chance at Love

This is truly a “then they lives happily ever after” story!

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