Honduras Living Water – Day 3 – New Well Team

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Day 3

Today we split up into two teams. The new well team and the repair team. I, Jonathan, covered the new well team and this post will only have photos from that, I am just too tired to edit Caleb’s photos from the repair team tonight, so I will get them up tomorrow.

LivingWaterInternational-Honduras-Faithbridge-day3_0001.jpg Back on the bus again!

Here is where we are drilling:

Houston Destination Photographer

Houston Destination Event PhotographerWe got off the van at the well site where the drilling will take place.

LivingWaterInternational-Honduras-Faithbridge-day3_0002.jpg It is a long drive from where we are staying to where we are drilling in a local village.

LivingWaterInternational-Honduras-Faithbridge-day3_0003.jpg LivingWaterInternational-Honduras-Faithbridge-day3_0004.jpg Before we started anything we asked God to bless our our work.

LivingWaterInternational-Honduras-Faithbridge-day3_0005.jpg LivingWaterInternational-Honduras-Faithbridge-day3_0006.jpg We needed water for the drilling process so a few of us hopped onto the flat bed and road to the river to fill up our tanks.

LivingWaterInternational-Honduras-Faithbridge-day3_0007.jpg LivingWaterInternational-Honduras-Faithbridge-day3_0008.jpg LivingWaterInternational-Honduras-Faithbridge-day3_0009.jpg

In addition to the 2 drill teams we sent out, we have a hygiene team that is teaching the locals basic hygiene.  Historically this has consisted of women and children but this year we are incorporating a couple of men.  Praying that goes well and is helpful in teaching the men how to better take care of themselves.LivingWaterInternational-Honduras-Faithbridge-day3_0010.jpg

The Hygiene team had a great turnout for their kids activities.

LivingWaterInternational-Honduras-Faithbridge-day3_0011.jpg LivingWaterInternational-Honduras-Faithbridge-day3_0012.jpg LivingWaterInternational-Honduras-Faithbridge-day3_0013.jpg LivingWaterInternational-Honduras-Faithbridge-day3_0020.jpg LivingWaterInternational-Honduras-Faithbridge-day3_0026.jpg

LivingWaterInternational-Honduras-Faithbridge-day3_0014.jpg LivingWaterInternational-Honduras-Faithbridge-day3_0015.jpg LivingWaterInternational-Honduras-Faithbridge-day3_0016.jpg LivingWaterInternational-Honduras-Faithbridge-day3_0017.jpg LivingWaterInternational-Honduras-Faithbridge-day3_0018.jpg LivingWaterInternational-Honduras-Faithbridge-day3_0025.jpg LivingWaterInternational-Honduras-Faithbridge-day3_0027.jpg

Photos from the local village.

LivingWaterInternational-Honduras-Faithbridge-day3_0028.jpg LivingWaterInternational-Honduras-Faithbridge-day3_0029.jpg This is where the village get their water now, its just a part of the river. It’s beautiful, but not clean. Here they are doing their laundry and the kids are taking a bath.

LivingWaterInternational-Honduras-Faithbridge-day3_0021.jpg LivingWaterInternational-Honduras-Faithbridge-day3_0019.jpg LivingWaterInternational-Honduras-Faithbridge-day3_0022.jpg LivingWaterInternational-Honduras-Faithbridge-day3_0023.jpg LivingWaterInternational-Honduras-Faithbridge-day3_0024.jpg LivingWaterInternational-Honduras-Faithbridge-day3_0030.jpg LivingWaterInternational-Honduras-Faithbridge-day3_0031.jpg LivingWaterInternational-Honduras-Faithbridge-day3_0032.jpg LivingWaterInternational-Honduras-Faithbridge-day3_0033.jpg LivingWaterInternational-Honduras-Faithbridge-day3_0034.jpg LivingWaterInternational-Honduras-Faithbridge-day3_0035.jpg LivingWaterInternational-Honduras-Faithbridge-day3_0036.jpg

Our team hard at work!

LivingWaterInternational-Honduras-Faithbridge-day3_0037.jpg We reached 185ft on our first day where we found water! Tomorrow should finish the drilling process and we will move into laying pipe and cement.

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