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Chateau Cocomar Wedding



Every once in a while we like to take a break from posting our normal beautiful couples to love on a local vendor. Today we are loving on Chateau Cocomar and one of their preferred catering companies Cordua. Located in North Houston, the Chateau is a one of a kind french castle with multiple gorgeous rooms to suit just about any occassion. Below is a more editorial apporach to the venue so that you can see it from a planning perspective. To see the Chateau as a Christmas party click here, to see the Chateau through the eyes of 4 completely different brides click here Chateau Cocomar Bridal, another Bridal Shoot at Chateau Cocomar and more Bridals at Chateau Cocomar and another Chateau Cocomar Bridal Session.

Here is the Salle de Valencay, this is where a wedding ceremony most likely would take place.

Next we have the Salle de Versailles, this is where a wedding reception most likely would take place.  This room is quite versatile.  Just adding up-light to the room as can be seen below will transform its appearance!

Below is the room with very light up-lighting vs the photo above which has heavy up-lighting.

Both of the rooms listed above easily hold large groups and would be perfect for any time of group event: parties, quinceaneras or corporate events.

This is the outside of the Chateau from both sides.

This is the WaKeCo Jardin, the view of the garden on the bottom and the view of the adjacent room on the top.

For those planning a wedding, here is a view of the bride leaving the bride’s room entering the Salle de Valencay for her ceremony.

This is a view of the Valencay from an adjacent hall way.

This is a view of the salon outside of the Salle de Versailles where cocktail is typically hosted.

Now that you have seen the main rooms of the Chateau, we are going to turn to loving on one of their main catering companies Cordua. Can I just say that we at JIP highly recommend Cordua for any catering needs you may and will ever have. Not only do they provide the most delicious food, they also have the greatest presentation we have ever seen!

How about the below, a delicious salad.

and the deliciousness just keeps going…

Ok turning back to the Chateau. Here are a few photos of people enjoying the venue at a recent wedding. There are views of the reception hall set for dinner and dancing as well as one cute sneak peek at a polka band that was that evenings entertainment that I just couldn’t pass up.

So the next time your planning an event, make sure to keep Chateau Cocomar in mind. They have a stunning venue to set any occassion as well as they offer event and wedding planning. It doesn’t get much easier than this.

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