Bridal Photos at Chateau Cocomar- a girl & her dog

Stunning! This is the word that comes to mind each time I see the gorgeous Dede and Candy, a white standard poodle who came to play with us at Chateau Cocomar. We love when brides bring something personal to their photo shoots with them and I must admit, this one is going to be hard to beat! Here are just a few of our favorites from this stunning bridal shoot.

01 Houston Bridal Photographer.jpg
02 North Houston Bridal Photographer.jpg
Hair & Makeup by Carlos with Trademark Salons.

03 Bridal Photos with a dog.jpg
04 Bridal Photos with a Poodle.jpg
05 Chateau Cocomar Bridals.jpg
06 Bridal photos with a standard poodle.jpg
07 girl with standard poodle.jpg
08 Bridal Photos at Chateau Cocomar.jpg
09 high fashion bridal photos in Houston.jpg
10 Chateau Cocomar Wedding Photographer.jpg
11 Chateau Cocomar Bridal Photos.jpg
12 Chateau Cocomar photographer.jpg
13 fun bridal photos in Houston.jpg

Thanks for stopping by to enjoy a little eye candy at Chateau Cocomar!

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