Homeless Couple Photo Shoot

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Alright everyone, here are the photos you have been asking for Jonathan is not here so I hope I get the story straight…

Jonathan met this cute homeless couple in downtown Denton while doing an engagement shoot with a JIP couple. Our couple went inside to change clothes when Jonathan saw this couple and their dog chilling next door. Jon found out later from the couple that they are train hoppers. They catch freight trains and ride them cross country. They have chosen this lifestyle, they aren’t destitute, they just want to live freely. Crazy way to look at things, but they are happy! Anyway, He walked over to them and asked if they minded if he took some photos of them, they said sure but they would like some cash in exchange for the photos. So Jonathan gave them everything he had which was only $7. That worked for them because in the end this is what we got…

Homeless people

Train hoppers

Homeless by choice

Dallas Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photographer Dallas

UNique Photos

A couple madly in love

And if I remember correctly, they were in Denton visiting family! They are train hoppers, they had just came from California and they were headed to Austin next. The above photo is what Jonathan came outside to. After shooting them for a bit he ran inside to check on our couple and when he came out he snagged this. So this isn’t posed, this is just them! Aren’t they adorable! She is so beautiful! Enjoy!

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